Google Bans Mining Apps


Recently, one of global leaders in mobile industry – Apple, has banned cryptocurrency mining applications from iStore. Right now, Google is joining Apple.

Google is saying NO

According to Android Police’s report, Google has lately decided to ban cryptocurrency mining applications from Play Store, its mobile app store. Google has been updating its developer policies; banning fake ID apps was one of the actions they took. Now, the time has come for cryptomining apps. Right now, a user can’t download or install applications like MinerGate or Crypto Miner.

In updated policies, you can read:
“We don’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices. We permit apps that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency”.

The previous, in April this year, Google’s move in the crypto field was banning Google Chrome extensions to mine cryptocurrencies. The decision was made after the company had realized that a “vast majority” of published applications didn’t comply with Google’s policy or were malicious.

As a reminder, in the previous year, there was a lot of reports about malware cryptocurrency mining when the owner of a device didn’t know that someone was mining cryptos using his CPU. If you want to check how to protect yourself from secret using your device, read our article.


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