FuturoCoin – the best example of a fast development

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It has been 9 months since the launch of a cryptocurrency called FuturoCoin. What has changed during that time? How has the project evolved?

About the cryptocurrency

The precise launch date of FuturoCoin (FTO) was January 31st 2018. From that time, this cryptocurrency has started to gain the market of digital assets. As every cryptocurrency, FuturoCoin is built on the blockchain. Its proof-of-work X11 algorithm is similar to Dash’s, so FTO is a decentralized project with masternodes. Developers have published a WhitePaper which is one of the steps to make this cryptocurrency transparent. Similar to the others, FuturoCoin can be mined and the reward for a miner is 50% of the profit. With every mined block there are 13.31811263 FuturoCoins created. There will be exactly 100 000 000 coins from which 30 000 000 will be mined. It is predicted that all coins will be mined in 10 years from the launch date as one block is created in an average time of one minute. To protect users’ funds, FuturoCoin’s developers offer three types of wallets dedicated for FTO. The Core Wallet which is definitely the heaviest as the user has to download the data from the blockchain; the Paper Wallet which is an offline wallet; and the Electrum’s Light Wallet which provides fast access to funds.

The summary of 9 months’ of work

From the very first day, this cryptocurrency gained thousands of fans who saw a huge potential in it. On the day of launch, January 31st, this cryptocurrency started its blockchain and explorer. To keep the transparency of conducted transaction, everyone can check blocks in FuturoCoin blockchain explorer here.

Just after 6 days, the project developers started 1st mining pool supported by FuturoCoin, available here pool.futurocoin.org. The next day, on February 7th, FuturoCoin got listed for the very first time on the cryptocurrency exchange platform Yobit.net. The price of FTO was a little over $15.5. The next cryptocurrency platform which introduced FuturoCoin was southxchange.com. The difference in price of FTO before being listed on southxchange and after was almost $3.

March was a month of changing the layout of the website. Thanks to that, all the information became more accessible and legible. The FuturoCoin website consists also of the newsroom where not only users can find news about cryptocurrency but also some general guidelines and courses explaining the hardest terms. At the end of the month, developers announced the beginning of working on Coin Of(f) Mine – a mobile game using AR technology which is connected with cryptocurrency FTO.

The development of FuturoCoin hasn’t slowed down even for a second. April is the best indication of these words. At the beginning of the month, FTO got listed on Piyasa.net. After a few days, this cryptocurrency became available to trade on CoinDeal, paired to BTC and EUR. The next exchange platform which introduced this digital asset was Coinbe.net becoming the 5th cryptocurrency exchange platform which shown interest in the implementation of FTO to trade.

After being listed on 3 platforms during one month, developers informed about testing a dedicated wallet called FCoinWallet.

With the growing lists of places where FuturoCoin is available to trade, this crypto started to become recognizable. At the end of April, FuturoCoin was added on 4 cryptocurrency analytics websites: cryptocompare.com, investing.com, coingecko.com and bitinfocharts.com.

The start of May was a huge success for everyone involved in a development of the coin of the future, as on 1st May it noted the highest volume of all the time – over 3250 BTC! In May, FuturoCoin noted also the highest price: 1FTO was equal 0.004080 BTC.

In June, FuturoCoin got officially listed on CoinMarketCap.com which is the most popular website with a list of cryptocurrencies and exchange platforms. And then this crypto got noted on feixiaohao.com.

As this cryptocurrency got more and more popular, two other platforms introduced it to their users: Exrates.me and BitBay.net.

The future development

Among regular ways of the development, like being listed on a larger amount of cryptocurrency exchange platforms, developers of the project plan even bigger things.

Besides the official releasement of Coin OF(F) Mine game, the cryptocurrency will be also available in multiple ATMs around the world. FuturoCoin will also be available to gamble with on the gambling website FuturoDice.

To simplify the adoption of this cryptocurrency, it will be implemented on Paycoiner – cryptocurrency payment gateway thanks to which business owners can enable cryptopayments in their companies. The best examples are BoardBest.com and Bannersapp which have announced to accept FuturoCoin as a payment for services.

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