FuturoCoin listed on CoinMarketCap.com!

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We are proud to announce that FuturoCoin accomplishes one of the milestones which we set as developers. From now on, you can check the price of FTO on the popular cryptocurrency service – coinmarketcap.com!

We are more than happy to share this news with you that FuturoCoin is listed on CoinMarketCap.com.

How will it help you that FuturoCoin on their service has been listed on coinmarketcap.com?

It will help you be up to date with FTO price via the most used service. From now on, you can track the price, our social media and also check on which cryptocurrency exchange markets you can trade FTO. Its presence on this site will ensure a lot of new users, that FuturoCoin is a worthful cryptocurrency.

What is FuturoCoin?

FuturoCoin is a new cryptocurrency and already has a lot of dedicated users. Since day one, the creators of FTO wanted it to become a payment method.

Using cryptocurrencies as a payment method can be tough; a long confirmation time, miner fees and only a few places which accept cryptos for their services. FuturoCoin is a solution for all those problems.

We know that time is very important for you, that is why we wanted to make a cryptocurrency which would become a payment method We wanted to achieve that goal not only by implementing FTO for payments in shops, cafés, etc. but also by creating its usability by fast transactions.

“Four seconds is enough. Transfer of FuturoCoin is visible in payee’s wallet in no time. This is not a premium version. For us it is standard.” – it is not just a vague a promise; it is the  mission that we have completed.

FuturoCoin is not just another cryptocurrency, it is an idea to build a better world.

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