Fujitsu Blockchain-based Project

Marcin Iwański
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Fujitsu, the IT giant, has developed own blockchain-based data system to simplify the system used by retail merchants. The blockchain project can be used to tokenize common promotional tool, e.g., coupons.

According to the press release, the first place that the new Fujitsu project will be used and tested is Japan. It can be used with current promotional activities used by merchants in shopping centers. Now, customers can spend their coupons/digital points received from one shop in the area in at different outlets within that area.

Fujitsu by using blockchain technology wants to store customers coupons and process them faster, which will reduce the work and allow the company, because of decentralized nature of blockchain, to store that data in the safer environment. Also, it will help Fujitsu to perform data analysis faster and better.   

Users will be able to convert their points, collected while using their, e.g., smartphone to scan QR codes placed in a specified area, into benefits, that can be used in stores which are in partnership.

The Fujitsu thinks that:

“This can lead to improved customer attraction rates of special events at tourist sites or promotional campaigns for shopping centers, as well as an increased willingness to buy.”

By implementing blockchain, they also want to revitalize local economies, where tokenized points can circulate among shops, restaurants, etc.


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