FTO For Free? Now It’s Possible

Maja Mazur
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FuturoCoin has gained the attention of the crypto world. We are recognized as a new fresh and safe virtual currency. We would like to seize that opportunity to give away a lot of our coins to the best traders.

The crypto world is very busy right now. We don’t want to stay behind, that’s why we will organise another competition. Earlier this month, we held “Win your future” contest. Now, we are going to raise the stake and give more FTOs.

FuturoCoin give away

Trading digital assets can be difficult. So many markets, coins and variables. We want to  appreciate the loyalty of our traders. If you trade with our cryptocurrency on CoinDeal, a crypto exchange, you can win FTOs.

The rules are simple. If you already are on CoinDeal as a verified user, you just need to trade FuturoCoins for bitcoins. That’s the only one principle: trade our coin on the FTO/BTC market. Whoever trades the most, wins the contest.

The competition will last from 30th November 2018 till 14th December 2018. So, every trader needs to transfer as many FTOs as possible in two weeks span.

Easy task, huge reward

The total prize amount is 400 FTO (almost $3,000 as of today’s price). The trading master will receive 200 FuturoCoins. 125 coins are provided for the second place. The third competitor at the finish line will win 75 FTO.

Remember not to wait too long, the competition starts next week! Make sure to enter it now and don’t miss your chance to win!

Of course, that’s not the last time we are giving our currency away. There will be other contests. Stay tuned.

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