Fortnite Gamers’ Wallets The Target Of Online Hackers

Maja Mazur
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Fortnite players aren’t safe online – scammers are waiting for an opportunity to steal their bitcoins and personal data in an exchange for fake cheating tips.

The youngest in danger

With the newest season of Fortnite now officially launched, there is again a lot going on in the online gaming space. Turns out this time, hackers are lurking in the shadows of the Internet, in search of their prey amongst Fortnite players. The plan is to steal bitcoins from virtual wallets of the gamers. Crypto money always seems like a perfect target for thieves, due to its ethereal nature – it’s easier to cover your tracks, so it’s not that unusual that cryptocurrency robberies happen. Although this time it might affect the youngest Internet users (and possibly their families), who happen to be the biggest target group for the Fortnite creators.

A punishment for cheaters?

One of the most popular computer security companies Malwarebytes started an investigation on the matter, based on some disturbing occurrence found online. They discovered a malicious code present in Fortnite downloads such as cheats, illegal tips and hacks, searched by the lazy players. The most common are aimbots (automatically aiming the weapon in the right direction), and wallhacks (they let players see through walls).

A way to steal

The scammers use YouTube videos to present alleged ways to hack the game, when in reality the link below the video is a set of dangerous files allowing the hackers to access your data and virtual wallets rather than help you achieve your long-awaited Victory Royal. As Malwarebytes has established, the link sends potential victims to a page on Sub2Unlock, which later initiates the download of the harmful files, named ‘Trojan.Malpack’. It appears to collect the user’s private data and send it to a Russian IP address. That leaves the scammers an open way to all of the crypto money in your virtual wallet.


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