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Forbes, an American media outlet, announces a new partnership with a blockchain journalism network called Civil. It is supposed to improve the publishing services for the readers.

Blockchain for everyone

Many industries have discovered the advantages that come with using the blockchain-based networks. Banks, food retail companies and state administration departments are already familiar with the blockchain technology. Now it’s time for the media.

Forbes, the worldwide business magazine founded in the US in 1917, recently celebrated its 100th birthday. Yesterday, on the 9th of October, the media outlet officially declared a partnership with Civil, which is certainly a big step into the 21st century. Civil is a network that offers blockchain technology, journalist units, newsrooms and more. It cooperates, for example with Old Town Media, a branding marketing PR firm from Colorado. Forbes is the first bigger player to join the Civil family.

Out into the world

The announcement was made on both Forbes and Civil’s websites, alongside their Twitter accounts. The partnership was called ‘a major milestone for blockchain-based journalism’, but for now it’s only an experiment. It is supposed to improve Forbes’ relationship with the readers and to permanently archive and secure the articles.

Forbes is excited to start the cooperation and learn new skills in the blockchain sphere. Whereas Civil highlights the importance of this alliance for the future development of the firm.

Secure data is good data

Starting from the 1Q of 2019, Forbes will begin publishing article metadata onto the Civil blockchain, where they will be permanently stored. After the initial exploratory period, if all goes well, Forbes plans on moving all of its metadata to the blockchain. The media outlet hopes to provide an ‘unprecedented transparency’ of the content and expand the reach of the articles.

Apparently, Forbes wants to make sure that all the private data is well secured and protected against any third parties. The partnership is also perceived as an important development towards spreading sustainable journalism across the world. New ways of sharing information online may supposedly attract new audiences to Forbes.

Being innovative?

It might seem like the enterprises’ decisions to try out blockchain technology come from the need for modification. Big companies assure that it will help to provide the clients with the best product possible. But is it really the truth? Isn’t it just a new way of promotion in the Internet space? Being innovative is basically essential in the modern world. Keeping up with the trends means existing in the minds of the potential consumers.

Blockchain technology became the novelty that everyone wants to determine. It doesn’t necessarily mean that every industry in the world actually needs it. Nonetheless, despite the real reasons behind engaging in the blockchain, it really is a worthy concept that definitely should be further developed. So maybe it’s a good thing that it’s also become a must in the eyes of many businessmen out there.


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