Food Or Crypto? Spaniards choose both

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Nostrum, a popular Spanish restaurant&coffee chain, prepared an innovation for its clients. It includes allowing people to pay for their food and coffee with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. But that’s not everything. In the future, Nostrum will launch its own crypto!

Changes changes

Nowadays, accepting cryptocurrency payments is slowly becoming a standard for almost all retailers and service providers across the world. Various industries start implementing this solution – from single entities and retailer chains to the whole cities. Cryptocurrency payments are an easy and quick form of footing the bill. And moreover, they are an evidence of development – if a place offers that, it’s automatically considered as progressive and up-to-date with tech.

Spanish food pioneer

Nostrum Restaurant is one of the most popular eating places in Spain (but also in France and Andorra) – it sells all kinds of hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, cakes and salads.

Some time ago, a Spanish business media outlet informed about an important innovation in the future development of the company. Namely, the launch of the first cryptocurrency for the franchise market in 2019. But before that, the restaurant decided to start accepting other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and various altcoins by the end of this year. The whole process is supposed to prepare Nostrum clients for the big change that will happen next year.


Nostrum plans with a flourish – the first ever cryptocurrency created by a food company. It’s going to be called Mealtoken and it is being developed in cooperation with blockchain platform CryptoFranchise. The company is planning an ICO for their new crypto in the upcoming 2019. Some of the coins will also be distributed among the restaurant’s official fanclub members.

Nostrum wants to strengthen the franchise business with blockchain technology. The idea is to help other companies hybridize the retail system and show them benefits of adopting this solution into their services. It seems like Nostrum is doing something right for the cryptocurrency world.

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