First million on CoinDeal!

Łukasz Mirytiuk
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As we have announced before, a pretty interesting exchange platform has started operating.

It has been only two weeks, but we can honestly say that results are impressive.

CoinDeal is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform that stands out with a few exciting features. One of them is the voting system; every two weeks the platform will choose five cryptocurrencies to be added to the list. The choice will be based on the voting of users. Right now the only cryptos available to trade on CoinDeal are BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH and QTUM – but things will be changing every two weeks.


Also, the affiliate program is a great opportunity, since only by inviting friends to join CoinDeal every user can receive 20% of their fees as a reward for the recommendation. What’s more, for the first 3 months of running, the percent of the fee for a user will be increased to 50%.


It’s not that common to implement fiat currencies at the beginning on such platforms. CoinDeal stands out with their bold decision of introducing Euro and letting its users trade BTC/EUR which means that you can enter the market with one simple bank transfer, no crypto assets needed.


Well, we have already written about all those features, but the most important thing is that we have a proof for CoinDeal being special. After first two weeks of running, the market noted over 1 million euro in payments. It’s an impressive number for such a short period. We wish this platform all the best, and we definitely see the potential.

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