First Blockchain Technology-Based Phone

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Sirin Labs presents the first blockchain-based mobile phone. It has a built-in crypto wallet, additional, a hidden screen and ternary authorisation on top of standard smartphone features. And, what’s most important, it’s only a little more pricey than the newest iPhone X.

The Finney

The first blockchain-based phone has been finally presented to the public. Finney, because that’s how the smartphone is called, is a revolutionary invention. The name has been chosen in honor of the first ever Bitcoin transfer maker – Han Finney. He was even believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious Bitcoin creator, but he denied it.

Long-awaited innovation

Sirin Labs, a tech company working on implementing blockchain technology into everyday life, has presented its new product. The firm has been working on it for months and continued teasing the public about how good the phone is gonna be when it’s released. Now, it’s finally here.


The features

Finney is the first smartphone of its kind. It has a ‘cold storage’ crypto wallet build in, which will certainly make all the cryptocurrency traders happy. The phone operates on Shield OS, which is actually a new, modified version of Android. The new variant of the most popular operating system is said to be more secure and has a better virus protection.

But that’s not all Finney has to offer. It’s also equipped with the second hidden ‘Safe Screen’ and ternary authorisation. User’s data will be secured by a biometric scanner, physical safety switch and also behavioral protection. All of those features make the project sound very advanced and futuristic. We shall see how the phone will get along in real life.  

The price

According to Sirin Lab’s website, the phone will cost 999 USD and it will be available by the end of the month. The presale has already started. In case of paying for Finney in SRN, Sirin Lab’s token, the buyer will get a 10% discount. Although such purchase may not be a very smart choice right now, since the price of SRN boosted massively in the last few days.


It means though that the release of Finney has made an evident impact on the crypto market. Who knows, it might be a milestone in the cryptocurrency history.

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