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Since the adoption of cryptocurrencies into the gambling industry, the internet is crowded with poorly-made casinos. How to find a reliable one among them?

From the very beginning, cryptocurrencies have accompanied the gambling industry. The idea of decentralized coins is well suited to online casinos. But with a large number of similar, copy-pasted gambling websites related to blockchain technology, it might be hard to find a place that is worth our involvement.

However, it doesn’t mean that crypto gambling is already lost to shady online casinos with an uncertain reputation. There are still reliable websites, that offer fair gaming opportunities to their users. One of them is MintDice.

Revolution in gambling

The invention of cryptocurrencies was a major technological breakthrough for many industries. The idea of decentralized money based on cryptographic solutions seemed bizarre and strange at the very beginning of the Bitcoin story. Many people had doubts about the success of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Yet, it eventually managed to become an integral part of the modern economy.

The gambling industry quickly adopted this trend, and online casinos focused on digital assets started to be a widespread tendency. However, the quality of most of such gambling websites is questionable. Usually, cryptocurrency-related online casinos are oddly similar in many aspects: functionality, game availability, and overall aesthetic design. They may slightly differ from each other on the visual elements, but they still follow the same typical pattern.

There is also the question of the safety of the services offered on such websites. When it comes to online gambling, we can’t just rely on luck. Every gambler wants to be fully certain of the safety and honesty of the service. Unfortunately, not everyone in the gambling industry follows such rules.

A growing number of online casinos of a questionable reputation might be overwhelming. How to choose from the vast amount of almost identical websites – and find the one that is both trustworthy and enjoyable? The answer is: look for an unusual approach to the topic. The example of an online casino that is different from similarly looking gambling places is MintDice.

Quality over quantity

Even at first glance, MintDice is unusual among other cryptocurrency gambling websites. Simple but functional, the colorful design resembles more an exciting blockchain startup than just another profit-oriented casino. For people who are familiar with the cryptocurrency industry, such an aesthetic surely makes them feel at home. 

As for the content, MintDice bets on a unique experience. You won’t find a dozen of slot games here, which are in fact nothing more but a simple reskin. On the contrary, this online casino offers an experience different from the usual gambling routine. All games available on the website are made from passion, both for casinos and cryptocurrencies.

Slot machines available on MintDice have a unique design, which is so different from mixed-up, licensed games in other casinos. The same applies to Bitcoin Dice, which is a variation of the well-known gambling activity, and at the same time has an astonishing, unique look. With such an approach, MintDice managed to pass the test and clearly stand out from the crowd of dull crypto casinos.

For crypto enthusiast

Another feature that distinguishes MintDice from any ordinary crypto casino is its involvement in the blockchain technology itself. It doesn’t just simply use bitcoins. This gambling website implements the ideals of digital money deeply into its core. From the aesthetical side, which is unique yet familiar to every crypto fan, to the technical aspects, which stay close to the standards of the blockchain industry, MintDice proves that it is proud of its bond with Bitcoin.

The relation with the crypto industry is clearly visible in the available games. In addition to the standard set of gambling activities, like dice or slot machines, the casino also offers games created especially for crypto enthusiasts. 

For example, Bit.Rocket is a player-versus-player game that requires both luck and strategic thinking to win. It introduces something unusual in gambling, yet very common in the cryptocurrency industry: a social aspect. In Bit.Rocket, the outcome of the game depends on the actions of other players. For those familiar with trading, it is surely an excellent diversification of traditional gambling.

Secure and safe

Security is a crucial concern when it comes to choosing the right online casino. Unfortunately, most of the websites involved in the crypto gambling do not really pay much attention to this issue. Poorly made, quickly assembled adaptations of common patterns aren’t reliable enough in terms of the safety of our funds.

Whenever you can’t be sure about the security levels, or the withdrawal conditions aren’t clear enough, it is better to avoid playing at a dubious casino. With MintDice, you get fair conditions in terms of gambling rules, such as instant payout or assured anonymity. 

After all, the most valuable advice for anyone who wants to try gambling is to do proper research. Don’t trust casinos with a dubious reputation. Look for the ones with clear and fair rules, providing a wide arrange of unique activities. And if you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you’re sure to enjoy playing on a gambling website dedicated to the idea of blockchain technology. If so, MintDice is a place just for you.

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