Facebook’s Mystery Blockchain Project

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In the last three weeks, Facebook announced five job openings for positions related to the blockchain technology. The company is fueling rumors about working on a secret blockchain-related project. The relationship between Facebook and the cryptocurrency world hasn’t been exactly all roses but maybe now the social media giant is making up for it.

Crypto friendly or not?

Facebook’s journey with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology began a long  time ago, and it has been quite a bumpy road. First, Mark Zuckerberg in his summary of 2017 hinted that Facebook might introduce some new blockchain-related features in the upcoming year – 2018. That means there must’ve already been something going on in the Facebook team, some projects initiated and some works done.

Then came the announcement about Facebook banning all cryptocurrency-related advertisements, which didn’t quite go along with their previous hinted crypto-friendly attitude. But the ban was cancelled literally a few months later, as the Facebook policy had been updated. And digital assets again were allowed to be promoted on this most popular social media platform.

Rumors fueled

Except the official news and statements made by the leader of Facebook himself, Mark Zuckenberg, there also were a lot of rumors online. Recently, the news has spread that Facebook wants to hire blockchain developers, which obviously started a discussion online. Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek, replied to a tweet by The Block’s CEO, Mike Dudas.

The pair further discussed predictions about the future development of Facebook’s blockchain project.

The secret is out?

Many people believe that the fact that Facebook keeps on hiring blockchain specialists can mean only one thing – the giant is working on something huge in the cryptocurrency/blockchain field. The positions that are currently open for applicants are: two software engineers, a data scientist and a data engineer. The most recently added is also a Product Marketing Lead for the Facebook blockchain team.

Facebook is definitely up to something. Maybe it won’t be a new cryptocurrency, as it was rumored in the past. But blockchain is a technology that many industries implement and develop. Using it for improving the data transferring and storage is just as exciting, if not more, as releasing a new token. It would be impossible if Facebook, that is after all a part of IT industry itself, wouldn’t eventually go for it.


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