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Marcin Iwański
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eToro deal with seven Premier League clubs is getting hotter!

As we know from our source which wants to remain anonymous, at least three clubs received regular money transfer made by a bank transfer. We asked CoinDeal and eToro for their comment of that misleading information released by eToro.


As we wrote earlier, eToro Tel, an investment platform, has established advertising cooperation with seven Premier League clubs. The company will sponsor Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton, Leicester City, Cardiff City, Brighton&Hove and Crystal Palace under the agreement. The most important piece of info is that the company claims that they paid the clubs in Bitcoin.

We asked eToro for a comment for this situation, and they stated that they “cannot share details from blockchain explorer as this would reveal the amount of the payments and hence breach the commercial terms agreed with the 7 clubs, we can assure you that the payment of these sponsorship deals was made using bitcoin – as per our press release.”  

eToro cannot share this kind of information; however, we tried to find in Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer significant transactions and found nothing. As they said in their press release, blockchain gives us transparency, and we used it, without luck.

Also, we have asked Kajetan Mackowiak CEO of CoinDeal for his comment and why he wrote that eToro shares the fake news.

“Our industry is tough; everywhere you can find lies and scams which want to grub money from people. Blockchain has one of many wonderful advantages – transparency. If you want to find something, it will be there, available for everyone. I’m very happy for eToro, and I keep my fingers crossed for them. I want to believe that they made that deal using bitcoin payment. However, I heard voices that they made that deal via bank transfer, and I want to know the truth. I think everyone wants to know it, that is why I wrote what I wrote, to hear the truth.

For now, more and more people point out that eToro wasn’t the first company which made partnership agreement in Premier League using bitcoin.

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We keep our fingers crossed for Wolverhampton Wanderers and their next match with Manchester City. Below you will find animation which should make you smile.


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