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Electroneum (ETN) has been designed for the simplicity of use. It’s called a mobile crypto, because you can mine it easily with your phone. If you’re not familiar with the complexity of cryptocurrency world yet, Electronuem is for you.

The idea behind Electroneum

Electroneum crypto has been designed for crypto trading beginners. It was supposed to create a chance for ordinary people to buy a cryptocurrency and enjoy the possibilities that come with it. It was created for mass adoption and literally anyone with a smartphone can initiate the mining process right after downloading the app. The blockchain technology has been accustomed and modified to limit ASIC and GPU miners. It also allows people to immerse into the crypto world gradually and peacefully. Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency designed around mobile technology.

Why should I buy Electroneum?

Once again – because it’s easy. It can be mined and managed from the app on your phone. Moreover, the app is free to download for both Android and IOS users. It’s also available in 20 languages. The app is just like a mobile game, but you can also earn some money. Electroneum creators thought it through and made it possible for people to exchange the cryptocurrency for real money or transfer them into multiple game accounts. So if you’re a gamer, Electroneum is definitely for you.

Eletroneum uses the same blockchain technology as Monero and Bytecoin, but the user experience is far simpler. Due to Electroneum being a 2 decimal points crypto (the prices are presented with only 2 decimal places), it’s easier to comprehend and remember prices and values during trading than other digital currencies. Also, the transactions are fee free so trading Electroneum can be an initial step you take in your crypto journey.

A little bit of history

Electroneum started as an ICO in September 2017. The offer ended on October 31st the same year. It was the first British cryptocurrency and the first mobile one. The project was lead by Electroneum Ltd and it started its development in early 2017. But the idea is much older. Creating a mobile-based cryptocurrency had been a concept way before Electroneum was actually created. At the beginning of 2018, the coin was gradually gaining popularity to hit 2 million app users in July.

Values and prices

Right now (26th October 2018) Electroneum is worth 0,013745 USD. Currently, in circulation there are 8 197 021 112 ETN and the daily volume reaches 1 998 882 USD. Electroneum is 58th in the coinranking.com and it’s slowly going higher. Recently we have been able to notice some ETN stangation on the market, but now the mobile coin seems to be regaining its position from the beginning of the year.


ETN for everyone

Electroneum is a crypto that literally anyone can trade. The idea was to engage an audience made up of new users unlike those already involved in crypto. The transactions in ETN are easy and fast, and that’s their advantage.

The mobile aspect of this currency makes it very accessible and thus popular. Recently, Electroneum has won an online voting organised by our partner, CoinDeal. In conclusion, it has been added to the trading platform and is now available for all to exchange.




You can find Electroneum on these exchange platforms:

  • Cryptopia,
  • CoinDeal,
  • KuCoin,
  • CoinBene,
  • Liquid,
  • CoinSpot.

And many more.


  • Electroneum is a mobile cryptocurrency
  • The mining process takes place in a mobile app
  • Electroneum is based in UK, England
  • The official ticker symbol for Electroneum token: ETN
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Maximum token supply: 21,000,000,000 ETN
  • Circulating supply: 6,113,679,420 ETN
  • ICO from 14 Sep 2017 to 20 Oct 2017
  • ICO token price: 1 ETN = 0.01 USD
  • Number of blocks: 406 774
  • Block size limit: 292.97 kb
  • Average block size: 0.08 kb
  • Block time: 198 seconds
  • Block reward: 9,919.35 ETN


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