Don’t you still know how to play on a stock market?

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Yesterday – 30th of October has started an educational platform to play on cryptocurrency market

It is created by company Verified Solutions, to learn players how to invest in cryptocurrencies without any financial risk.

To start, you just need to register and begin your game. After signing up, every competitor receives 10 000 virtual dollars. That’s the money to invest in BTC, ETH, LCT, XRP, BCH, etc. This website was created for educational purposes, to let more and more people know about cryptocurrencies and teach them how to use it properly. What is more, it simulates a real stock exchange.

It is entirely free and available for everybody +18. Besides, everybody can win a prize. The platform provides plenty of them, every day 0,05 BTC, every week 0,2 BTC and at the end of the game, you can win a one Bitcoin!

We highly recommend this website. It helps to gain trust in the crypto market, acquire investor skills and make it possible to win a Bitcoin.You can earn money but can not lose anything. Isn’t that a great opportunity?

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