CryptoSunday vol.9


It’s 9th article of our CryptoSunday’s series. Blockchain24 is presenting what happened during the weekend in cryptoworld.

Arizona: Open for blockchain

Arizona officially allowed corporations to use blockchain technology.
Arizona Governor Doug Dewsey has signed a law that allows corporations to store and share data in dispersed registries. The document was published on the Legiscan website.
According to Jeff Vaninger, a member of the Republican Party of Arizona, the document adopted has become one of three laws that “open the door to new technologies in Arizona.”

Rockefeller starts investing in cryptocurrencies

Rockefeller’s family has created a venture capital firm called Venrock. Now the company is starting to invest in digital assets. As David Pakman, a Venrock partner said that the company is looking for a long-term gain from cryptocurrencies. As support, Venrock company is starting cooperation with CoinFund, which specializes in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Pakistan says NO

Central Bank of Pakistan has informed banks and financial service providers about its decision not to support cryptocurrency transactions. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) published that announcement via its website and Twitter.

SBP also informed that anyone who would make a transaction in cryptocurrencies outside  Pakistan could be prosecuted.

Will it exclude Pakistanis from cryptoworld?


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