CryptoSunday vol. 7


Some people consider 7 as a lucky number. Worth to say, this article of CryptoSunday’s series is the 7th one. Read what happened during the weekend!

Atlanta under attack

The city government of Atlanta, Georgia reported that their computer system had been attacked by hackers with ransomware. The purpose was systems used to pay bills as well as access data from the court system. The employees of the city, after appearing at work, received printouts informing them that they should not use their computers until the city’s IT department cleared them. City officials alert employees and citizens who used the computer system to monitor their bank accounts and change their passwords.

The hackers have demanded $ 6,800 from Bitcoin in the city of Atlanta for an unlocked unit or $ 51,000 to unlock everything. City officials do not plan to pay hackers and work to solve the problem. The city works with the Department of Homeland Security, Microsoft, Cisco and the FBI to determine exactly which data has been compromised and find a solution.

Santander: partner of Ripple

As Business Insider reported, Banking Group Santander is going to cooperate with Ripple to publish an international money transfer app based on Ripple’s Blockchain xCurrent and RippleNet platforms.

The app was again presented at the international Fintech Conference in London by Nathan Bostock, the UK CEO of Santander.CryptoSunday vol7 -quo

The releasement of the app is planned for this spring. The app will be open to Spain, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Poland.

Santander aplication


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