CryptoSunday vol. 40 – Vinnik’s Case and Luxembourg’s Partnership

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin. Yes, the price is dropping like it is hot. That’s what Snoop Dogg would say. But, against everything, in today’s CryptoSunday I won’t write about BTC. After all I don’t have a crystal ball… yet. So, read a small follow-up on Alexander Vinnik’s case and the cooperation of trading platform and the University of Luxembourg.

Follow-up: Vinnik’s case

Alexander Vinnik, Mr. Bitcoin or the allegedly former operator of crypto platform BTC-e. Three names but pretty accurate for the Russian man who stays under Greek custody. As we reported earlier, Vinnik was accused of helping to launder BTC stolen from crypto exchange platform Mt. Gox and more.

Right now, the lawyer of Mr. Bitcoin has informed, that Vinnik will start hunger strike on Monday. Why? Because “he [Vinnik] was stripped of the right for defense in France and, consequently, in Greece.” The lawyer also noted that “it became clear that the [French-issued] European arrest warrant expired.”

As TASS, Russian state-owned news outlet, reports – Timofey Musatov, who is the head of the Vinnik’s lawyers, accuses the judge of the Greek Supreme Court of ignoring him and his team:

“The Greek Supreme Court’s judge completely ignores the work of lawyers who cannot even file a petition. She does not give them an opportunity to speak or do it.” Musatov added that “[i]f there is no fair trial, he will inevitably be deported to the United States through France, where he will get something close to a life sentence, which equals death.”

Reportedly, Alexander Vinnik found out he had no other option than to start a hunger strike when his Greek lawyer, Zoe Konstantopoulou said during the court session that “the court would not treat any citizen of an E.U. member country or Greece as it treats Alexander just because he is a Russian national.”

Luxembourg: The partnership between crypto exchange and the University

The Luxembourg-based VNX Exchange and the University of Luxembourg has signed an interesting  cooperation document to improve the security of digital assets. The researchers at the University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) are planning to design new IT frameworks to improve exchange security. All to help VNX in the development of higher levels of network security for cryptocurrencies and tokens as LuxembourgTimes reported.

“In creating a secure and regulatory compliant marketplace for the transparent trading of tokens representing digital assets we aimed to introduce modern security mechanisms that could totally secure our platform and could impact the global cybersecurity market.” – said VNX founder and CEO Alexander Tkachenko.

The VNX is a trading platform and marketplace for tokenized venture capital. It was founded in 2017. Since the beginning, the platform is a member of FinTech incubator the LHoFT (the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology), as also of Infrachain and APSI (L’Association des Professionnels de la Société de l’Information).

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