CryptoSunday vol.4


Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Another weekend has passed by. Read below what happened in cryptocurrency world!


Amazon and Starbucks: Implementation of cryptocurrencies

Survey results show that people want Amazon cryptocurrencies. One of the world’s largest online stores, this week received feedback that its hypothetical creation of Amazon Coin will be positively received. In addition, Starbucks, another large traditional consumer company, talks about plans to use Blockchain on the Starbucks application, also giving the understanding to create their own currency to use the application.

While Amazon has not declared any plans to make its own cryptocurrency, it has wandered into Blockchain advances that are behind the larger part of cryptographic forms of money. In December a year ago, Amazon Web Services (AWS), marked an agreement with R3 to utilize their Corda platform in light of Blockchain.

Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz also sees the possibilities in using cryptocurrencies, as he said:


Belgium: Chasing cryptocoiners

The Belgian Special Tax Inspectorate (STI) is searching for Belgian people, who have put resources into digital money in foreign exchanges, after receiving information from the Finnish authorities, that several Belgian taxpayers traded on the Finnish cryptographic exchanges. According to the rule introduced in Belgium last year, crypto speculators are required to pay 33 percent of the tax on cryptographic profits filed in the “different income” section of the tax form.

Due to the anonymous nature of transaction platforms, the tax base for crypto is difficult to enforce. In any case, STI wants to take after the case of the American Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which lawfully constrained the US Cryptocurrency Exchange and Coinbase portfolio to exchange information to roughly 13,000 customers for assessing implementation purposes.

Francis Adyns, a representative from the FPS Finance, a Federal Public Service of Belgium, told De Standaard:

Dubai: blockchain for the travel market

Dubai has formally declared the expectation to democratize tourism by making a virtual business-to-business advertise for the tourism business, with an extra circulation channel for inns throughout the following two years.

The Dubai Tourism Blockchain Marketplace intends to include an “additional distribution channel for hotels” in the following two years, interfacing by means of Blockchain all vacationer associations engaged with arranging an outing, giving visitors straightforward, “real-time” pricing and choice in Dubai’s traveler stock.


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