CryptoSunday vol. 39


Last few days everyone is cryptoworld is interested only in one thing – Bitcoin’s price. Why we had noticed record low price since actually a long time and what will the future bring us?

Bitcoin: Tom Lee’s predictions

Tom Lee is an important persona in the cryptocurrency world. He is one of the founders of Fundstrat Global Advisors, a market advisory firm. As a Wall Street analyst and cryptocurrency specialists he, many times, predicted the Bitcoin’s price. One of his prognosis is that Bitcoin, by the 2022 year, will reach the price of $25,000 or even $55,000. When we wrote the article, over a year ago, Tom Lee has claimed that “in mid-2018, a cost of 6 thousand dollars is expected to overcome.” We can’t say he was wrong.

Lately, on November 16th CNBC has reported that Lee cut his end-year BTC’s price target from $25,000 to half lower – $15,000. According to the co-founder of Fundstrat, he bases his beliefs on Bitcoin’s “break-even point” or the point where the BTC mining cost matches its price. For Lee, it is $7,000.

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin is worth around $5,600.

West Virginia: We did it!

Two months ago we have reported about West Virginia’s plan to conduct the midterm elections using a mobile application called Voatz. The app is fully based on blockchain technology what makes voting not only fast, but also safe and tamper-proof.

The Secretary of State of the U.S. state of West Virginia Mac Warner shared a great news that in 2018 midterms elections, 144 citizens who are military personnel stationed overseas could actually cast a vote thanks to Voatz.

Warner stated:

“This is a first-in-the-nation project that allowed uniformed services members and overseas citizens to use a mobile application to cast a ballot secured by blockchain technology.”

On the other hand, while Warner was bragging about the success, his deputy chief of staff Michael Queen disclosed that they have no future plans of expanding the program and app Voatz beyond military personnel serving overseas:

“Secretary Warner has never and will never advocate that this is a solution for mainstream voting.”

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