CryptoSunday vol. 25


Welcome to 25th episode of article series called CryptoSunday. Today, about a new product from Telegram’s company. Read about it and give a review, are you ready for that?

Telegram: “Protected by End-to-End Encryption”

Telegram is a medium created to enable its users making a conversation about everything, almost without censorship. Right now, the company has decided to release a new product called Telegram Passport.

Telegram FZ LLC has presented a solution to store safely your personal data like ID scans.  In the official statement, they admit that they wanted to create a service that would help users to share their ID data with third parties like finance, ICOs, etc.
All the user has to do is to upload the photos or scans of documents to Telegram Passport. After that, all files are stored in the Telegram Cloud using “End-to-End Encryption”. As protection, all documents are encrypted with user password so the company doesn’t have access to uploaded ID data.
Developers of Telegram Passport are also planning to move all stored data to a decentralized cloud.

As you can read in the statement:

“We will soon be adding third-party verification for Telegram Passports. This way, some services won’t even need to request the data itself, instead relying on the fact that the Telegram account was approved by a verification provider and the person is real.”

telegram passport

Image from Telegram Passport presentation

What’s next

If you are interested in trying out the new product of Telegram, you can go to that link and register your account with personal data. All the developers interested in the integration of Telegram Passport into their apps and services are welcome to contact with Telegram’s developers. The integration will be free of charge.

What do you think about that kind of solution? Is the “End-to-End Encryption” enough in a case of storing all personal data and information? Leave the comment below or on our Facebook fan page.


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