CryptoSunday vol. 23


Welcome in 23rd episode of our article series called CryptoSunday. This weekend our’ journalist team brings you the latest news from places where you can definitely go on vacation!


Greece: Extradition of Alexander Vinnik

As CNN Greece reported, a Greek court has given permission to extradite Alexander Vinnik to France. He is an alleged former operator of cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e.

Vinnik is a 39-year old Russian with a nickname “Mr.Bitcoin”. Mr. Bitcoin was accused by U.S. authorities on fraud and money laundering, reportedly up to $4 billion in Bitcoin. As his lawyer, Ilias Spyrliadis confirmed: “the court has granted France’s request for Vinnik’s extradition”, he has also informed that is planning to appeal against the court’s decision in the Greek Supreme Court. He has also admitted that extradition to France would lead to next extradition to the U.S., because “otherwise the U.S. cannot get him, since the extradition process was blocked.”

The answer of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the whole situation is an accusation that Greek authorities are “continuing to complicate relations with Russia”.


Chile: Reopen crypto’s deposit accounts

A cryptocurrency situation in Chile wasn’t that good at the beginning as the lack of regulations give significant power to local banks of deciding how to treat theirs cryptoclients. The mentioned above situation is changing and we can witness it.

In late March, Chilean bank Banco Estado has decided to close a cryptocurrency exchange platform’s Orionx deposit account. To justify its decision, the bank cited the lack of “regulatory recognition of [cryptocurrency trading]”.

A few months later, The Fourth Chamber of the Court of Appeals of Santiago has formally accepted the appeal filed by Orionx against Banco Estado. Now, Chilean Court of Appeals has decided. Banco Estado should reopen the cryptocurrency exchange’s deposit accounts. The Court has also called the decision of Banco Estado as “arbitrary and illegal action, which constitutes a deprivation of the right protected by Article 19 No. 2 of the Political Constitution of the Republic, that is, the right to equality before the law.”

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