CryptoSunday vol. 18

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Our CryptoSunday series just become an adult in some countries! Read what happened in cryptoworld. Today the news from South America and Switzerland! – accounts closed is South American cryptocurrency exchange. Lately, all of its bank accounts have been closed by Colombian banks – Diario Bitcoin reported citing an email that company sent to its clients.

Busa’s Colombian CEO Alejandro Beltran confirmed to local news portal Cripto 247 that the whole situation is true. He has also listed three banks that closed Buda’s accounts. They were Bancolombia, BBVA and Davivienda.

Cripto 247 is connecting the banks’ decision with an internal letter from the Colombian financial control officer that was published in February due to which, banks are not authorized to provide services to cryptocurrency platforms.

Switzerland – first voting using blockchain

Voting supported by blockchain technology is a dream of every true democrat. This summer, in the Swiss city of Zug, a blockchain-powered trial municipal vote is going to be conducted. The whole event will take place between June 25 and July 1.

To conduct the voting, the city’s digital ID (eID) system will be implemented. The eID system was launched in November 2017. It will allow the citizens to vote using their mobile devices. After the voting, every person who used eID system will be asked if the blockchain-based eID system should be used for other votings, e.g. referendum votes, in the future.

As a reminder, Zug has become one of the centers of the “world’s leading ecosystems for crypto, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies” after the establishment of “Crypto Valley” (a global hub for crypto and blockchain development).

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