CryptoSunday vol.14


This end of the week was very important for Polish traders, but not only for them. Read what happened during the last few days.

BitBay escapes to Malta?

BitBay – a Polish exchange platform – is going to move to Malta. Why? Let’s remind ourselves what Sylwester Suszek (BitBay CEO) said a few weeks ago; Suszek was explaining that he desired to stay with his companies in Poland, but for now is impossible. Where is the problem? The policy of Polish government. Polish regulations are, in soft words, unfriendly for cryptocurrencies and the government’s point of view is hitting hard the companies which work in cryptocurrency industry.  

Sylwester Suszek remarked during the last Polish Bitcoin Congress that BitBay officially is moving to Malta. We wish BitBay luck and further development on a new territory.

Polish financial development commission (KNF) is warning Polish community against investments in cryptocurrencies

While a lot of countries make regulations more friendly for traders or crypto companies, in Poland the trend is quite the opposite.

KNF made a tender offer, which is aimed at creating social campaign. This campaign is going to warn Polish community against investing in cryptocurrencies. The budget is not small… KNF wants to allocate half a million PLN for this project.

This is not the first time when KNF has been warning Polish citizens. During last December the website (trans. watch out for cryptocurrencies) was created. There are a lot of articles which treat the subject of cryptoworld very seriously. The first thing that stands out is, that “cryptocurrency is not money”. The next one is – “watch out for cryptocurrencies”!

We believe that someday Polish government will overcome its prejudice against cryptocurrencies and won’t fight with them any longer.


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