CryptoSunday vol. 11


I’m always starting CryptoSunday with words: “another weekend has passed by, read what has happened”.

This weekend was rather peaceful. Today I have two pieces of information for you. One bad and the other one… Just rate it yourself!

WikiLeaks Shop

WikiLeaks Shops published a statement in which it’s revealed that their account with cryptocurrency wallet and exchange Coinbase has been closed.

WikiLeaks on its Twitter account showed some screenshots of the email information from Coinbase. Allegedly the organization violated Coinbase’s Terms of Service, that’s why WikiLeaks is not allowed to use its services. Until today, Coinbase hasn’t responded with any comment about that situation.

Russia: Closing doors

The Supreme Court of Russia has coordinated a court in the city of St. Petersburg to consider an interest against a blocked digital currency data site.

As you can read on Russian legal information site RAPSI, The Vyborgsky District Court of St. Petersburg blocked in 2016, guaranteeing that cryptographic forms of money are “a means of virtual payment and accumulation,” and accordingly, the arrangement of related data is unlawful in light of the fact that it undermines the nation’s currency – the ruble.

The court didn’t inform the defendants about the trial or even about the result of it.They got informed in the minute of closing down the website.

Bitcoininfo tried to appeal but the court declined it. Now, Supreme Court will check the whole case after subsequent reviews.

As per RIA Novosti, the same St. Petersburg court checked on a similar case in February and overturned a decision to block 40 bitcoin-related sites.

Lately, the Telegram – social app used for cryptolovers has been banned in Russia too. Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram, said on Tuesday that he had been paying system executives in bitcoin to sidestep an administration prohibition.

Why is Russia trying to close the doors to cryptoworld so much?

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