Cryptocurrency terms

If you’re new to cryptocurrency market, you can feel a bit weird reading or listen to some strange terms during the talk of experienced traders. That’s why, we want to present a list of trading terms, which is helpful not only for beginners.

ALTCOIN – It is any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, f.e. Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash or Lisk.

ASHDRAKED – A sad situation when, due to wrong investment, you lost all your money.

BAGHOLDER – It’s a person who buy a lot of tokens when cryptocurrency is very cheap hoping to make a good profit in a future.

BEAR/BEARISH – When a price doesn’t act like we want, especially when it’s decreasing. Negative price movement.

BTFD – Buy The F****** Dip. An indication to buy tokens when the price of cryptocurrency decreased a lot.

BULL/BULLISH – When a price acts like we would want, especially when it’s increasing. Positive price movement.

DILDO – Long green or red candles, which are telling about increase or decrease of an exchange price, showing maximal and minimal exchange rate for a session.

DUMP – When an exchange rate is dumping fast, it’s a call to sell off tokens

DUMPING – When a price of cryptocurrency is decreasing fast.

DYOR – Do Your Own Research. It is a term that is often used on groups or forum to a beginner, who asks not for advices but ready-made solution.

FA – Fundamental Analysis

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. It is a term used not only on cryptomarket but also in other aspects of life. Probably you may hear it when someone was talking about social media. It’s also an illness of social media ninjas who are afraid of missing something while they were away from a phone. In cryptomarket, FOMO is when an exchange rate is going up and you’re feeling like it could go to the universe that’s why you’re buying tokens high.

HODL – Hold/Hold a position. That one is easy to remember. Imagine a situation where you bought tokens counting on an increase of exchange rate, but it’s not happening. Someone who believes that cryptocurrency can tell you to HODL and don’t sell out.

JOMO – Joy Of Missing Out. When you’re glad that you missed out a quick dump of a price.

LONG –  When you have decided to invest in a long term, believing in cryptocurrency without a panic on small correction.

MCAP – Market Capitalization

MOON – Increase of an exchange price. When a price is still going up, to the moon!

PUMP – When an price is increasing.

SAJ CANDLE – It is a big green candle.

SHITCOIN – It is coin without any value, low price, without possibility to pay with it or invest it.

SHORT – When you decide to invest in a short term, selling when a price is the highest and buying with the lowest.

SWING – Zig zag price movement. When a price is going up and down in a short period of time.

TA – Technical Analysis

REKT – A term also often used in computer games. When you have a really bad luck.

REVERSE INDICATOR – You should avoid that person like the plague. It is someone who always isn’t right with prediction of exchange rates.

WHALE – It’s a very wealthy trader who can easily change an exchange price by selling or buying a huge amount of coins.