Cryptocurrency ranking May 2018

Marcin Iwański
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May had its good moments, however most of cryptocurrencies noticed more than 10% loss. The beginning of June does not bode well for the next ranking.

For now April was the best month in 2018.

  • Bytecoin –  after big price and trust drop of Verge, another “untraceable” private-based crypto has taken its place. With almost 30% up, Bytecoin ends May as a winner.
  • Golem – blockchain-based supercomputer is on the 2nd place, 2nd time in the row. Golem price this month goes only 8% up, however, looking at the other cryptos in the ranking, it is still good.
  • IOTA – based on the distributed ledger technology, the Tangle is, as they say “the missing link for the Internet of Everything and Web 3.0.”
  • Ethereum – the crypto which most good projects are based on, noticed a loss in May, -12% gave ETH 4th position.
  • Zcash–  our 5th place, another crypto which secures information about your transaction, as they say “first fully secure crypto, that is using zero-knowledge cryptography”
  • Bitcoin– from $9080 to $7601, at the beginning crypto had its ups and downs, but last months mostly gave us downs, however, we hope that after lightning network implementation, it will only have ups!
  • Litecoin– younger, “silver” Bitcoin brother, noticed more than $20 loss, Charles Lee keeps building trust, however, when BTC goes down, everything goes down.
  • Bitcoin Cash– last month more than 100% gain, this time noticed 23% loss. Still, when you look at the price from March and now, it is not that bad.
  • Ripple– even Snoop Dogg couldn’t help Ripple. This cryptocurrency has ended May with almost 26% price drop.
  • Ethereum Classic– is a continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain, even after months, traders believe in the ETC. Classic is closing our ranking with more than 27% drop.


After the Red March, and the Green April, it is May. Last time, we hoped that May will be as good as April, but it can’t be 100% gain every month. We still have our fingers crossed for every crypto, and “to the moon!”

We hope that the June ranking will be better!

Tell us what cryptocurrencies will be in our next ranking, here in the comment section below, or via Facebook.


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