Cryptocurrency ranking April 2018!

Marcin Iwański
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April was the first really good month for  cryptocurrencies – every single coin ended this month with the gain. But a green month is not all; each cryptocurrency on our list finished April with the price gain more than 100%

  • EOS – with 216% change in March, fully scalable cryptocurrency, took 1st place in April. Great place with the great score
  • Golem – Polish-based cryptocurrency, Golem project, in fact, is an open source, the decentralized supercomputer. Investors saw potential in this project in April; Golem ended April with almost 200% change!
  • TRON – as a one of the largest blockchain based OS – TRON price on the last day of April was 194% higher than at the beginning.
  • SiaCoin – from 0.0099 to 0.0264 (167% of change), blockchain-based storage platform did better than well in April
  • Steem –  our 5th place, a new way of social media platform which pays for reactions to your post. 163% up, good job!
  • Cardano – goes up 140% this month, big change and huge gain, keep it that way!
  • Stellar – With as fast transactions as Stellar, we are glad to see that in April, it is on our top10 with 120% change
  • OmiseGo – project which is building a decentralized, liquid exchange mechanism noticed 114% gain from 1st March to 1st April.
  • Verge – our last month 1st place (in March -26%), this time is on 9th place, however, in April, after information that it will be used by porn industry giants, Verge noticed   112% gain.
  • Bitcoin Cash – well-known cryptocurrency for everyone, Bitcoin’s the most known hard fork – BCH is closing our April’s top10 with more than 100% price gain, good luck!

After the Red March, there is the Green April! In our last top10 ranking we hoped  that this month would be “slightly” better for cryptocurrencies, but even in our deepest dreams, we couldn’t predict that all cryptocurrencies would end the month with more than 100% gain.

We hope that the May ranking will be the same or even better!

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