Cryptocurrency News 10.05.2018

Marcin Iwański
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April was a good month for cryptocurrencies, as we can see in our top 10, the market bounce back to normal state and we hope that the prices will “go to the moon” like in last December.

Cryptocurrencies are the future – Reddit

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian said that cryptocurrencies poises to “fuel a potential new internet”. Founder of Reddit at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, believes the real value of cryptocurrency is that it can secure and transfer assets across national borders.

“In so many states, there are uncertainties about government and money. And people see their lives savings disappear. There’s a real value of having a currency that – as volatile as bitcoin is – are still potentially less volatile than some of the states that see hyperinflation.”

WeChat suspends third-party Blockchain-Apps

China-based message application WeChat, has blocked all third-party blockchain application.

The mini-app – Xiao Xieyi, was launched on Wednesday and used as a service that would allow users on WeChat to initiate contractual agreements, according to the Caijing. Application is owned by Tencent which suspended the program within a day.

The app, would allow users to encrypt Ethereum network based agreements for a fee and in less than a day after the launch, the application was suspended.

“Xiao Xieyi has been suspended due to violation of the service. We apologize, the content of the program has been suspended due to the fact that the content is not authorized on the platform.”

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