Cryptocurrency-based Cases, FuturoCoin ATM

Marcin Iwański
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Today we got good and bad news for you, the first one will be bad.

The FBI supervisory special agent during a conference in New York said that there are more than 130 “threat tagged” cases which are cryptocurrency-based. The good one is that FuturoCoins developers decided to create two-way cryptocurrency ATMs and soon they will be available worldwide.

Cryptocurrency-based Cases

According to the Bloomberg, there are more than 130 ongoing cases related to cryptocurrencies run by the FBI.

During the Crypto Evolved conference in New York, Kyle Armstrong the supervisory special agent confirmed that right now the small amount of the bureau are crypto-related cases. However, the agency has noticed an increase in illegal activities in which people use cryptos as a payment method.

Human trafficking, kidnapping, or drug sales, those are one of the main cases from 130 “threat tagged” in which people use crypto payments. As the agent said:

“The opioid epidemic, in particular, has come into focus at the FBI as the “dark web” enables a surge in drug abuse. Illegal online marketplaces are where 10 percent of global drug users make their purchases.”

However, during his speech, Armstrong said that the FBI had a neutral view to cryptocurrencies and they have pros and cons.

First FuturoCoin ATM

Good news for Polish cryptocurrencies users, the founders of FuturoCoin announced that they would place 100 two-way crypto ATMs. The first one will be located in Wroclaw in one of the cafe franchise.

One of the founders said that in the beginning, there would be one place in a cafe, but they already have 100 more machines. They want to place them all around the world. For now, we know that ATM will handle FuturoCoins and other cryptocurrencies (our guess is Bitcoin of course).

The ATM will work two-way, which means that you will be able to buy cryptocurrencies with fiats and withdraw your cryptos.

They do not want to focus only on regular cryptocurrency traders. They know that sometimes it is hard to understand how everything works; that is why the founders promised that ATMs would be as easy as possible to use and they additionally will create a video to show how you can do it by yourself.

If you want to know more, play video below.

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