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Marcin Iwański
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A few weeks ago, the football world had its first cryptocurrency – Premier League collaboration.

CoinDeal as the first cryptocurrency exchange platform made a sponsorship agreement with Wolverhampton Wanderers and from now on, their logo is on Wolf’s shirts. However, this time, the football team wants to use cryptos!

Gibraltar’s football club – Gibraltar United F.C. will be the first team in the world which will use a new way of payments. The club will become the world’s first football team to introduce cryptocurrencies as a payment for its players.

This will take place next football season, and the event was announced by the owner of the club, Pablo Dan. The owner is an investor in cryptocurrencies, and he intends to pay footballers in Quantocoin.

The owner says that by adopting this payment method, the club can inspire others to do the same thing. He also thinks it can help eliminate one of the most significant problems in football; corruption.

Using blockchain technology for payment and securing transactions data, can help with “under table” deals. The blockchain is one of the safest ways to store data, and you can check every single transaction in it, so there will be no problems with checking who paid, and for what he paid for.

Blockchain technology can resolve doubts about bribing referees, illegal betting or unregistered payments. It can also be used for transfers in football clubs.

The owner, also stated that it gives the opportunity to pay football players from other countries who are unable to open a bank account in Gibraltar easily.

Once again when July is about to end, and half of the year will have passed, cryptocurrencies have become a very hot topic. Mostly due to Bitcoin and other cryptos price fluctuation. The growth is so strong that players, such as Lionel Messi or Ronaldinho also want to invest in their own cryptocurrencies.


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