Crypto reward for playing? Japan makes it possible!

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If you are a gamer, we have some good news for you! Soon enough you’ll be able to receive cryptocurrency as an in-game reward.

GMO Internet Incorporation is a Japanese Internet services giant which has just announced the releasement of Bitcoin-based application. The app will be called CryptoChips. The primary task of it is to reward players for achieving milestones in games.

The app will be implemented for the very first, official time in the game Whimsical War. It is a real-time battle game created by GMO Inc. As a GMO Internet Inc. explains, Bitcoin will be distributed according to the player rankings in the game. The whole initiative will start in August 2018. The company also assures that they will implement CryptoChips in other GMO Internet Group’s games too.

As you can read in the press release:

“GMO Internet […] has developed ‘CryptoChips by GMO’ that enables distribution of cryptocurrency as remuneration within the game application, and will offer it through a group company starting in August 2018.”


It’s not the first project connected with blockchain and cryptocurrencies for that company. GMO Internet already runs a cryptocurrency exchange platform, pays a part of salaries in Bitcoin and runs its own mining operation.

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