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CoinDeal Token’s market has just started. It means that there are several advantages to holding CDL that you might not know about. If you want to know why you need to have those tokens, this article is for you.

As we have already written, CoinDeal, one of the leading European cryptocurrency exchanges, decided to create its own native token – CoinDeal Token (CDL). Today, the market for it began.

If you’re a holder, you’re a winner

We have already described what CoinDeal Token actually is, so if you still don’t know, read our previous articles to find out. Today, we will write more about what the benefits of CDL are.

First of all, VOTING.  The voting system on CoinDeal is going to be changed. CoinDeal Tokens will be a crucial part of selecting new cryptocurrencies for the platform. Every user, who holds at least 100 CDLs, will be eligible to vote for a new coin. You, as a CDL holder, will be able to give 5 votes per day for 5 different coins. 

Why should you vote? Simply because you can make money on it! Each coin, which wants to be added to the voting list, will have to pay for it. A month later, that money will be distributed among voters. Every vote will get a fair share of that money.

So, this is a win-win situation for CoinDeal’s users. You can decide which coins will enter the exchange, and you will also earn money on it!

Additional features

If you are a representative of a cryptocurrency, the exchange has something for you, too. Entering the voting list gives you much more than before. You will not only be added to the list, but the exchange will also send a newsletter to over 350 thousand people about the fact that your coin was added to the list. So, you will get a marketing promotion among users of the platform.

The exchange is also planning to start additional voting. Every CDL holder will be able to vote for the next currency pair on CoinDeal. The platform is still working on it, but be sure that you will have a say in which direction this exchange will go.

As you can see, CoinDeal Token is not only a great tool for trading, lowering fees but also it is a great investment. You can vote for your favorite cryptocurrency! And remember, every vote counts!

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