CoinDeal: One Of The Safest Exchanges In The World

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We have some great news for you! ICORating has just published a new Exchange Security Report. As it turned out, CoinDeal went up from the 80th place on the list to as high as the 33rd place.

We know that security of CoinDeal is the most important part of our platform. Keeping that in mind, we are more than happy that we are one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world!

Almost 50 positions higher

The ranking is published by ICORating, a source of accurate, unbiased analysis of the crypto market. The website takes 4 factors into consideration:

  • User Security
  • Domain & Registrar Security
  • Web Security
  • DoS Protection

In the first rating, we were ranked as the 80th most secure trading platform in the cryptocurrency world. Now, we can confirm, that our exchange went up to the 33rd place! Thanks to our efforts, we have made significant progress in the web security.

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Room to improve

What’s more impressive, in the first ranking there were only 100 exchanges. The second one enlists as many as 135 platforms!

We are still not on the top and have some things to improve. However, we are on the right way to become number one. Thanks to our development team, we just know, that in the next ranking we will be listed even higher.

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