CoinDeal Moves To Malta!

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CoinDeal, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, moves its headquarters to Malta. The change will help to provide clients with even better services than before, due to Malta’s crypto-friendly environment. It’s an amazing opportunity of growing and improving the blockchain technology.

Strategic move

Today we have some great news! One of our partners, CoinDeal, moves its headquarters from Cyprus to Malta in order to keep providing clients with the best services possible.

Natural habitat for blockchain

For CoinDeal, it is a huge milestone on the way of development. The change was driven by the need of improving the quality of blockchain technology and Malta is the perfect place for doing so. The Maltese government provides complex support for cryptocurrency solutions, which gives CoinDeal a wide spectrum of growth in that field. The highest security and transparency standards offered by the company will become officially approved by the authorities.

We’re happy for you

We are delighted to share all of the news with our readers, because CoinDeal is a very important partner for us. Hopefully, the change will bring the best opportunities and will help the blockchain technology to expand even more. Good job, CoinDeal!

If you want to get involved with CoinDeal, you should check out their website. Lately, they have been spoiling its clients with other awesome news, like adding to the exchange new cryptocurrencies – Electra and Electroneum. Now, you can also enter a competition which allows you to win some coins!


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