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We are an innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform that has started beta version on February 23rd, and the official releasement of a platform was on March 1st.

CoinDeal is one of the few cryptocurrency exchange platforms that has started with as much available cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC – which you can trade from day one. But we didn’t want to end there, so our big step was to allow our users to enter the market with fiat (not only with cryptos), as soon as possible. That is why, we want to proudly announce that we have just added FIAT feature from the official start of our cryptocurrency exchange platform.

There is a lot of cryptocurrency exchange markets which do not allow fiats on their platform and you can only start trading there if you already have some cryptocurrency in your wallet. Those platforms only work for people who already have traded some digital assets. What with new traders who want to start?

We want to step forward into the community and we, as traders, know how hard it can be for a Newcoiner to start trading. Here in CoinDeal, we don’t only want to create new cryptocurrency exchange platform that meets your expectations, but also be part of cryptocurrency community, listen and react to meet your needs.

You don’t need to buy Bitcoin before trading on CoinDeal. You can deposit Euro and buy your first BTC on our platform. For a start we decided to allow a purchase of the most popular cryptocurrency with fiat money (Euro), later we are going to add more possibilities.

Our mission is to create the safest and the best cryptocurrency exchange platform, which will show the way exchange platforms should go.


We are here for you, so if you have any ideas how we can improve our services, please contact us at : [email protected].

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