CoinDeal Helps Spreading The Polish Heritage!

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CoinDeal was present at NBA’s Polish Heritage Day in Los Angeles! Supporting Polish famous Cheerleaders Gdynia allowed CoinDeal to appear at the event as a Polish representative. It was just a part of a long-term partnership.

Being a role model

Recently, CoinDeal has been involved in many interesting initiatives, but this one deserves recognition in particular. Spreading Polish traditions and supporting Poles in the international environment is always appreciated. Especially, if there is something to be proud of. Cheerleaders Gdynia is one of the best cheerleading teams in Europe. The yearly Polish Heritage Day (previously Polish Heritage Night) is just one of the multiple events in their busy schedule. This time, CoinDeal flew over with the girls to Los Angeles, to represent Poland on American soil.

CoinDeal Helps Spreading The Polish Heritage -

Alongside the leaders

Joining Marcin Gortat and Cheerleaders Gdynia in celebrating Polish culture was a special moment. CoinDeal logo appeared on the cheerleaders’ t-shirts, which made this experience even more significant. It was extraordinary to see the great partnership of CoinDeal and Cheerleaders Gdynia literally appear in front of everyone’s eyes, on the basketball court. That’s how the whole experience was commented by the CoinDeal co-founder, Kajetan Maćkowiak:

“We also wanted to spread the Polish culture beyond its borders and we are extremely happy that we were able to accomplish that thanks to the partnership with Cheerleaders Gdynia. Moreover, we also appeared on the banners during EuroCup game and on the t-shirts of the Cheerleaders Gdynia girls.”

Taking the chance

Such initiatives are very important for CoinDeal. The company not only works on giving its clients the best possible trading experience on the exchange platform, but also takes care of other needs. Spreading Polish culture is a noble practice that all Polish businesses should consider. Having the possibility to do it, is a privilege worth exploring.

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