Chicken for Bitcoin!


KFC knows how to play in marketing game. Fried Chicken’s company is also keeping up a date with the hottest trends in financial world.


Bitcoin Bucket

KFC in Canada has decided to accept payment in the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, but only for a theme Bucket called The Bitcoin Bucket. This promotion action will last only for limited time but shows that KFC knows how to attract new customers.

In the first day of The Bitcoin Bucket campaign, KFC Canada was very active on their Twitter page with posts like:

Hodl some chickne. #BitcoinBucket”

“Avoid bucket FOMO. Invest now! #BitcoinBucket”

“FIAT is backed by gold, but Bitcoin is backed by fried chicken. #BitcoinBucket”

As you can see, marketing specialists made some background research which has a result in posts with cryptocurrency slang. What’s more, they even called out Satoshi Nakamoto: “If Satoshi reveals his true identity, his bucket is on us. #BitcoinBucket”. Well, I guess Satoshi wasn’t that interested in fried chickens ;). Maybe he prefers burgers?

Not only Twitter

KFC Canada wasn’t limited only to one channel of its social media. They also appeared on Facebook with Facebook-based live-tracker where – for 4 hours – you could see how much you have to pay for The Bitcoin Bucket.

This campaign definitely has a positive influence on brand name and, for sure, is diffusing the cryptocurrencies. The most important question, is the company connecting its future with cryptocurrencies or blockchain? Maybe this short-period campaign was only a trial to accept crypto payments in the future?

I guess the time will show.

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