Centra Tech founder arrested!


In April, two co-founders of Centra Tech were arrested and charged with securities and wire fraud.

Now, the third co-founder Reymond Trapani of that company has been arrested.

Centra Tech was a crypto financial services startup which organized Initial Coin Offering (ICO). According to US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) press release, that one ICO was a subject of a crime. When the third co-founder was arrested, he has been charged with the same allegations like the previous two co-founders, of frauding more than $25 mln.

Sohrab Sharma and Robert Farkas are the two co-founders arrested in April. They all advertised the “Centra Card” project. It was a debit card supported by Visa and Mastercard, using which a client could convert crypto into fiat cryptocurrencies like EUR or USD.

In the press release, you can read that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) didn’t find any actual partnership between Centra Tech and Visa and Mastercard companies.

Department of Justice in its press release published a conversation between Sharma, Trapani and Farkas. It happened when the founder of an unrelated allegedly fraudulent ICO was arrested. They were talking about removing evidence. Here is the small sample:

To be added, Centra Tech in its year of greatness, has been promoted by Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled.

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