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11/15/17 7:14 PM

China is going to introduce its official digital currency. As information says, it will be a fiat currency - a digital...

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11/7/17 1:54 PM

A few days ago investors experienced hard fork on Bitcoin, which resulted in the high jump on exchange price. But, what’s...

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09/25/17 5:07 PM

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) this week released a new application from a financial giant that presented a "one-stop-shop"...

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09/18/17 8:35 AM

The growing interest in Bitcoin made transactions less fluent. That’s the problem which founders of a cryptocurrency wanted to avoid. Luckily,...

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09/9/17 1:01 PM

When Bitcoin was established, something almost unbreakable was created. It was called Blockchain. To disrupt it you have to operate the...

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09/7/17 12:59 PM

August 1st was a day that had a strong influence on the traditional Bitcoin area. On a market of cryptocurrency Hard...