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01/8/19 1:45 PM

According to the recent reports, India could legalize cryptocurrencies. The news broke after meeting of the inter-ministerial committee which tried to...

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01/7/19 5:57 PM

Following other US states, Colorado has decided to take action to make cryptocurrencies more lawfully determined. On Friday, new Digital Token...

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01/7/19 3:42 PM

The United Arab Emirates is set to become the most technologically advanced country in the world. Dubai, the largest city in...

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01/3/19 2:50 PM

Another country may be eager to use blockchain technology in an online voting system. Thailand’s the National Electronics and Computer Technology...

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01/3/19 11:10 AM

The last week of 2018 was not good for Electrum Wallet users. An internet hacker or a group of hackers added...

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01/3/19 8:18 AM

Trace Mayer, a Bitcoin investor responsible for launching movement called Proof of Keys, has raised some questions about possible account freezes...