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11/15/18 3:20 PM

Bitcoin has fallen down to the lowest in over 12 months. In less than 12 hours the price of the most...

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11/8/18 9:26 AM

Alprockz AG, a Swiss company, created a stablecoin - ROCKZ (APZ). The company claims that its currency is the world’s most...

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11/6/18 7:58 AM

Australia Post, the country’s 209-year old institution, uses digital identification technology. The technology will enable cryptocurrency exchanges to carry out Know...

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11/5/18 3:18 PM

Bitcoin Cash Network carries out hard forks twice a year as a part of scheduled upgrades. Usually, It doesn’t have any...

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11/4/18 9:25 AM

Bitcoin has rocked the world. The largest cryptocurrency has paved the way for many other coins. In 2018 you can buy...

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10/31/18 10:50 AM

Satoshi Nakamoto is definitely the most mysterious figure of the whole cryptocurrency world. 10 years have passed since his Manifesto, along...