Calm down, everything is fine. Chinese new year is coming.

Marcin Iwański
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Another January, gives us the little heart attack, but don’t be scared

and DO NOT panic sell.

There are few reasons why markers on every exchange are red this time of a year.

The main reason why BTC costs right now around $10,000 is, Chinese New Year.

It is like Christmas for us, and if you look at charts from December, you can also see that cryptocurrencies had dropped.

As we know, Asia has a lot of cryptocurrency investors and mines. Everything that happens there has a huge impact on the rest of the world.

Here is the chart that shows Bitcoin rate from the last three years.

calm down everything is fine

As you can see every January, price of Bitcoin was dropping fast. It was going to normal in few next months. All I can say is learn, observe, think and never panic sell. In the next few weeks, everything should be as usual. The price can change rapidly and you know that already.


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