Blockchain Visionnaire Summit Berlin – summary


Blockchain Visionnaire Summit, a one-day event in Berlin is behind us. The opportunity to contact investors, entrepreneurs and media was well-used, and the lectures themselves appeared genuinely inspiring.

The event was organized by Blueberry Storytelling and That Crypto Hustle – both companies founded by women who are present in the crypto-world and dedicated to it, as well. Anastasia Chernikova (Blueberry Storytelling) used to be a tech journalist. She also has an experience in organizing blockchain-related events such as World Economic Crypto Forum in San Francisco. Luna Vega (That Crypto Hustle), on the other hand, is an IT experienced specialist in the area of not only blockchain but also e-commerce and communication itself.

Let’s connect!

Blockchain Visionnaire Summit was an event focused on connecting different blockchain startups from all over the world with investors, media and marketing experts. The agenda was divided into three parts – technology, funding, and marketing. Each panel was full of interesting debates, as well as pitches given by representatives from many different startups and blockchain-related organizations.

Decentralization, centralization or something in between?

During the technology panel, the guests were talking about issues of decentralization and scalability of decentralized solutions. Mikko Alasaarela from Inbot shared some interesting thoughts with the public, saying that many blockchain projects go way too far with the idea of decentralization. What’s interesting is that Inbot is a startup that offers centralized solutions for ICOs offering a platform and a token that can be used for fundraising instead of organizing a separate ICO.

Flaming discussion

The subject of ICOs was further continued on the next panel, focused on the topic of funding startups and new businesses. The final conclusion of the panel was that ICO solutions definitely outrun the traditional funding ways. Marketing panel was focused on building the community around the product as the best way of gaining interest among future end-users. Due to the lack of professional research, what is directly connected to a quite new market, the marketers have to experiment a lot. Ellisse Moussa, one of the panelists and founder of Snapay startup pointed to few solutions for a quick community building, stating that airdrops are the most effective marketing action that her company took so far. Panelists argued quite hard about that issue, eg. Keith Baumwald from Celsius Network hardly disagreed on the topic of airdrops stating that only long-term branding actions can be effective in that matter.

New relationships

The whole event took place on July 22nd in an informal space of Saalchen – the venue located right by the river, in the area known for many art and culture events. The event was attended not only by Berliners but people from all over Germany, as well as other countries – a lot of guests came all the way from the United States. Anastasia Chernikova, the organizer, summed the event as successful. The primary purpose was to give space for the guests to form some new contacts with other specialists from the industry and that went well. Nothing else to say!


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