Blockchain Journalist Startup Will Launch In February

Dawid Paluch
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Civil, a journalist project based on blockchain technology, will start in February, despite its token sale failure. The company made that declaration via its blog post.

Over two months ago, we found out that Forbes joined the Civil project. Now, we’ve discovered that the project will finally start.

Insufficient funds won’t stop them

Civil is a blockchain-based platform. It has been set to build a new media ecosystem using its CVL token. The token should help the startup to raise funds and reach financial stability.

Yesterday, the company published a post to explain what the firm’s plans are. The startup said in the statement called ‘The next chapter for Civil’ that it will launch the platform in early February. The company also states:

“Civil was never about ICOs and tokens, or even blockchain. We’re about community-ownership, transparency and trust. We believe journalism (and media at large) should compete on craft, but collaborate on infrastructure.”

The company tried to raise at least $8 million but failed to do that. According to TechCrunch report, Civil managed to gather only $1,435,491 in CVL from 1,012 investors.

Another try

The firm is planning to sell its tokens once again, but this time it wants to do that without any hard or soft caps and time limitation.

Besides the token sale, Civil will present two new tools: the Civil Publisher and the Civil Registry. The first one allows Civil newsrooms to index verifiable data about their publications. The latter is an app that enables any newsroom to be a Civil newsroom with the self-governing community.

According to the company’s post, 18 newsrooms have already joined the project, with other 50 additional newsrooms expected to join till February. Civil also plans to gather over 1,000 newsrooms worldwide by 2020.

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