Bitmain Got Sued For BCH Hard Fork Manipulation

Dawid Paluch
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United American Corp (“United Corp”), a Miami-based company, filed a lawsuit against Bitmain, Roger Ver, Kraken Bitcoin Exchange, and others. The allegations concern a possible Bitcoin Cash hard fork scheme.

On November 15, Bitcoin Cash had a hard fork of its blockchain. Since then, there have been two new coins: Bitcoin Cash SV and the branch of old Bitcoin Cash.

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UnitedCorp is a development and management company, founded in 1992. The firm focuses on telecommunications and information technologies. The UC has been developing blockchain technology for a few years now. It owns BlockchainDomes stations that provide heat for agricultural applications.

According to the press release published on December 6, UnitedCorp filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida against Bitmain,, Roger Ver, the Kraken Bitcoin Exchange and other individuals involved in “a well-planned scheme to take control of the Bitcoin Cash network.”

The statement further points out:

UnitedCorp believes that the defendants colluded to effectively hijack the Bitcoin Cash network after the November 15, 2018 scheduled software update with the intent of centralizing the network – all in violation of the accepted standards and protocols associated with Bitcoin since its inception.”

UnitedCorp wants to prevent these firms from continuing ongoing actions against the BCH network and to prevent them from doing so in the recent future.

The company also alleges that on November 20, the ABC team planted a “poison pill” into the network. Thanks to that, the team was in control of future implementations.

Today, the Bitcoin Cash SV has seen a significant gain (over 27 percent) and overtook the lead in price. BSV is at $106. BCH has registered major losses (over 20 percent) in the last 24 hours. Right now, the Bitcoin Cash is at $103.


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