BitGo’s Users Able To Access Exchange Straight From Their Wallets

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BitGo, an American cryptocurrency custody and wallet provider, has partnered with a well-known international capital markets software firm, Genesis Global. From now on, BitGo platform users can trade directly from their account, without the need to enter an exchange.

Partners in business

Interesting business partnerships are a substantial part of the cryptocurrency. Each of the joining parties provides some services, in exchange for other kinds of support. Ideally, both businesses profit from such an agreement. But sometimes, one gets more benefits than the other.

Strategic move

This time, the partnership we are talking about is between an American custody and wallet provider BitGo, and an international capital markets software firm, Genesis Global. Software houses are a very common choice when choosing a partner to obtain a certain development opportunity. BitGo decided to start a new service offer for its clients, thanks to this partnership.

Now, by virtue of the agreement, BitGo clients will be able to make purchase and sale transactions directly from their custody accounts. There will be no need to move the assets and pay additional fees. Moreover, both companies are obliged to provide the highest security measures, which will result in the users’ money being safe and sound.

The aftermath

Another additional feature available for BitGo clients will be a real-time pricing information on buy and sell orders for the funds in their wallets. This solution will not only be useful for the wallet users, but it will also bring some benefits to Genesis Global. The possibility to see how much the owned crypto assets are worth and what they can be easily traded for, might induce people to try trading, even if they never considered it before.

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