Mikolaj Lisewski


Political science student and writer actively involved in the subject of geopolitics, international relations, economics and financial markets. He keeps track of events both on stocks, currency and cryptocurrency markets.

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06/25/19 9:26 AM

Nowadays the blockchain technology is used by many different industries. The advantages of the blockchain can also be used by the...

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06/23/19 10:19 AM

The news that Facebook is going to create its own cryptocurrency, Libra, spread all over the world almost immediately. But the...

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06/18/19 8:45 AM

IOTA is one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies. It was created to develop the idea of the internet of things and...

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06/15/19 8:09 AM

TRON and Ethereum are both very famous for the idea of smart contracts. The possible future cooperation, however, does not negate...

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06/11/19 12:29 PM

In 2017 China banned ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and became worldwide known for its negative attitude towards cryptos. On the other...

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06/8/19 12:55 PM

It is impossible to count all the unreasonable theories of the future value of Bitcoin. Despite the huge distance between the...

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06/5/19 9:05 AM

Fnality International Inc., incorporated in London on 18th April 2019, finished the first Series A financing round of 50 million pounds...