Maja Mazur


She is a Communication Management student who spends her free time browsing through the Internet and searching for trending news and virals to write about. One time she found an article about Bitcoin and fell head above heels with the crypto world. She also loves fantasy books and YouTube.

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10/3/18 7:12 PM

An innovation for crypto maniacs out there was presented a few days ago by a technician and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Ricardo Reis....

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10/3/18 7:04 PM

French security official suspected of selling confidential state information on Darknet in exchange for Bitcoin was arrested by French police on...

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10/2/18 8:25 PM

The built up to Ripple’s Swell conference in San Francisco caused a boost of XRP halfway through September and now, as...

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10/2/18 7:41 PM

Alexander Vinnik, a suspect in Bitcoin laundering lawsuit, has been interrogated by French investigators in Thessaloniki, Greece. France was granted an...

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10/1/18 7:42 PM

Opera continues to develop the new blockchain feature by partnering with strategy advisor, Ledger Capitals, in order to deliver its users...

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10/1/18 7:33 PM

StellarX launches the first completely free cryptocurrency marketplace as a new product within the Stellar blockchain. Cryptocurrencies may seem at first...