Are cryptocurrencies guys’ thing only?

Kajetan Maćkowiak
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Majority of cryptocurrencies users are men – that is the fact. When you think about it, you realize that actually, it can be true. The theory claims that women are less inclined to take the risk associated with investing and spending money. Moreover, there’s relatively small female representation active in the financial industry.

Few surveys have been conducted that confirmed that digital community is extremely divided by gender.

In the tech-industry area, the gender gap is well-reported. Moreover, Google Analytics ran a research “Bitcoin Community Engagement by Gender.” Results were even more surprising than we were expecting – females occupy 3,43% of cryptocurrency community.

Masculine technology?

Not really, but under a lot of circumstances some individuals may think this way. Knowledge and use related to technologies and gadgets are dominated by men. Only 25% of Computer Science graduated students are women. According to the data made by Themuse as a part of “Women who tech” program women are the specialists in social media; they also confirmed that females hold just 25% of IT jobs.

If cryptocurrency system wants to be a worldwide system of payments or wealth storage, it has to cover the whole population, not only half of it. To achieve such encouraging women to be a part of cryptocurrency world is necessary. Few initiatives have been already taken: some of the websites focused on the topic of cryptocurrency are designed primarily for women, and also Bitcoin women’s’ days are being organized, to help broaden the interest. Besides, celebrities make tremendous support for Bitcoin. Mel B, Roseanne Barr, and Lily Allen officially admitted that they are actively participating in cryptocurrency market. Mel B even accepts Bitcoin payments. They all share Bitcoin news on their Twitters.

There is a rising amount of websites which are created for women. Then, to make engagement growth more efficient, crypto market have to attract current target group by interesting products. In one’s opinion, when products have a positive influence on women’s lives, then more of them are interested in the market.

Bitcoin gives a huge opportunity to make people’s lives easier. Plenty of positive aspects of using cryptocurrencies as financial freedom, privacy with less governmental control should be more popularized.

We highly encourage females to start exploring this market. Earn money and stop to be “backward.” There is a saying on the internet that “women don’t care about cryptocurrencies.” The challenge is to get to know why and change it.

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